Best Practice - Examples

  • Example 1 - Corporate law, company setup
    To enter the German market a French company needs to found a German Company - here a GmbH - to strengthen its negotiating position with the relevant German business partners. WILDE.Rechtsanwälte accompanied the whole setup of the GmbH considering the structure of the French group and several tax issues. The entire process was put into place in close cooperation with the French lawyers and the company directors.

  • Example 2 - Corporate law, joint venture negotiation
    A US company and a German business partner incorporated a GmbH and negotiated a Joint Venture Agreement, that contains the necessary rules for the further business.

  • Example 3 - Trade Mark Law, Litigation
    An international Trade Mark is infringed by a German Company. A Dutch Lawyer asked WILDE.Rechtsanwälte to file a suite against the violator.

  • Example 4 - Trade Law, Negotiation of Distribution Agreement
    A Tech Company had to negotiate with the big German Consumer Electrics Chains to develop the distribution of its products and get acceptable conditions and contracts.

  • Example 5 - ecommerce Law - Build a shop under German Law.