WILDE.Rechtsanwälte - German Law Office for Business, Corporate and IT/ Media Law

WILDE.Rechtsanwälte is a German Law Firm specialized in business law matters. The clients of WILDE.Rechtsanwälte, mostly small and middle-sized Companies with a focus on Germany, Europe and partially worldwide, are situated in Germany or otherwere in the world, operating their german business supported by the German Lawyers of WILDE.Rechtsanwälte. It is part of daily business of WILDE.Rechtsanwälte to create the German branch of foreign Companies, support the branch in all necessary legal issues and handle the legal matters in strict cooperation with the foreign/ national/ international head offices or responsible law firms.

Practice Areas (not complete)

The service delivered by WILDE.Rechtsanwälte covers numerous business areas, such as:

  • Company law - setup/ incorporate a German company (German Limited - GmbH, or PLC - AG), mergers and acqusitions, negotiate and support a joint venture company, structure and restructure company setups, Investment and Venture Capital procedures and negotiations
  • Trade law - set up and negotiate contracts, develop distribution-structures and corresponding contracts
  • Intellectual property law - copy right, application of national and international trade marks, trade mark disputes and litigation, support of the process to develop a trade mark
  • IT-Law - license agreements, software as a service contracts, software development contracts, IT-outsourcing, support of internet shops and platforms in legal matters
  • Litigation in business matters

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